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Namibia travel Sossusvlei Namib Desert

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Namibia is celebrating her 25th independence anniversary in this year, turning its golden sands to silver. People’s minds filled with memories of the nation’s birth are still fresh. Expected to have Nationwide long celebration time period. Keeping aside anniversary celebrations. In 2015, Namibia travel attractions, you can enjoy visiting the country’s desert and mountain areas, nature and wildlife. Thanks to its continuous developments in conservation and tourism field. Tourism in Namibia is an important revenue source for the country.


Namibia tours Etosha National Park

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Also, environment protection is constituted by the government making first African country in its region. Local and indigenous communities were encouraged to help conservation work carried by the government. The Namibia travel & tourism industry give benefits for people take part in conservation work. In response, Namibians participated in the conservation program, creating 18% registered wildlife reserved areas. Another 19% of the country’s national park or wildlife reserve playing a major role to make success in conservation efforts. These wildlife reserves are home to world’s largest numbers of cheetah and black rhino. At present, the number of giraffe and lions are increasing rapidly, compared to the past few years. Namibia tours and safaris have great demand from tourists, over the past few years.


travel to Namibia safari cheetah

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It’s a common news in Africa about poaching and habitat destruction. Still, it’s successful wildlife conservation has not gained much attention.


Fascinating experiences



What are the places to visit in Namibia? Get a unique Namibia travel experience in Red sand dunes at Sossusvlei. It was climbed by tourists to see the fascinating desert sunrise. Sesriem Camping Site and Sossus Dune Lodge in Namib-Naukluft National park provides accommodation for the stay. Access granted to visit the park at pre-dawn. Spending night at Etosha National Park’s floodlit three waterholes, are where you will get to see how animal behavior at night hours.


tourism in Namibia, Namib Naukluft Park

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Festivals & Events

Why travel to Namibia special this year? Because her 25 anniversary and expected to be celebrated grand style. The /AE/Games Art and Cultural Festival at Windhoek’s at the end of March. It’s filled with dancers, musicians, artists and poets, representing cultural groups of Namibia to celebrate this grand event. Windhoek Karneval in the capital brings dancing, live music, and slapstick comedy. In 2015, April 10th start the Royal Ball Game event, on 25th a highlight show called Kehraus. Maherero Day called Herero Day is commemorated in late August by the Herero people of the Okahandja parade in the town. Travel in Namibia to see every sight of these colorful traditional event grabs your attention.


attractions in namibia windhoek capital city

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Popular Topics

Namibia is the best place in Africa for Safari road trips, you can explore endless wildlife, vivid landscape, empty roads. 2015 newly opened western area of the Etosha National Park. It’s giving the opportunity for self-drivers to discover and get more travel satisfaction. This one of the best Namibia tourist attractions that you like visiting.


places to visit in Namibia, Etosha national park

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Trending subjects

Newly discovered offshore oil deposit has a great advantage for the country. It will transform the coast and develop the country’s economy in the future.


General Facts

Wildlife tours in Namibia travel give you the opportunity to discover various plants, lizards, beetles and more. Spiders gather their drinking water cleverly by condensing fog, in the extreme environment get to see in the desert.

In the desert cartwheeling down dunes created by the golden wheel spider. It amazingly makes 2600 revolutions in a minute to hide from its predators.


Namibia tourist attractions, shipwreck in skeleton coast

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Visiting Namibia Skeleton Coast’s are remote shores have whale skeletons which half-buried creates an attractive surrounding. Many shipwrecks have been taken in this place, in this area. The survivors having a hard time to resist this deadly environment. This is the reason why people name it Skeleton Coast. It’s one of the important attractions in Namibia.


visiting Namibia Kolmanskop

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Most unusual sight



Travel Namibia’s Diamond-mining town Kolmanskop in the past it was populated. All the facilities such as church, houses, hospital, school, casino, theater, bowling alley used by people are now abandoned. In 1950 richer diamond deposit discovery, made people shift their mining area. This made the Kolmanskop deserted town, leaving it to nature. The Kolmanskop half worn out remains shows the power of nature, people’s resources wastefulness.


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