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Neophytes of Nicaragua have long been publicizing the new Costa Rica. Because compared to Central American countries, it’s safer, cheaper and less developed. Travelling to Nicaragua vacation spots, you will meet local people. Where they can explain you Nicaragua’s natural environment, history, culture, food without any doubt.

Since this year backpackers, and adventure seekers have been silently visiting coastal town San Juan del Sur’s for vacation in Nicaragua, to enjoy uncrowded beaches. Visit León‘s Cerro Negro an active volcano and to hike. Two volcanoes in the island Isla de Ometepe. Also, many tourists have been visiting Nicaragua travel attractions, they are colonial towns, folklore themed fiestas, breathtaking Caribbean islands and war memorials.


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“Mukul” the county’s first and fully developed Five-star resort in Nicaragua . Opened the doors in 2013 to visitors international and local visitors. Following the opening of Mukul beach golf & spa resort, laid-back Yemaya Island Hideaway and Spa at Little Corn Island were developed. Searching for places to stay in Nicaragua vacation. There are many best affordable hotels in Nicaragua for the travelers, who is looking for short stay. After UN is declaring Nicaragua as the second safest country. The international travel community got a good impression and Nicaragua tourism industry boomed within a few years.

Nicaragua is popular for the world’s best luxury ecotourism destination and modern restaurants serving varieties of delicious food. Managua in the past was a no go zone, now it’s known to be the emerging culinary capital.


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Country’s interest in creating an Eco friendly environment has been recently put into halt by a new project for building a massive shipping canal to neighboring Panama destroying natural environment, and main objective is to gain economic benefits. So it’s better to enjoy now the natural beauty than later.


Fascinating experiences



There are full of adventures taking place at Nicaragua’s volcano Cerro Negro near León knows to be the oldest city in central America. You can rent a custom built sled and slide down the Cerro Negro. Next, strap your hiking gear and try to climb the top of the massive volcano Maderas, on the Isla de Ometepe Island.

For Nicaragua beach vacation tours, there are countless popular untouched surfing destinations in Nicaragua. Is said to be the world’s few surviving coastlines, where you can enjoy visiting at any time. Corn Island‘s expanding unspoiled barrier reef system has taken more attention by divers, to explore its beauty. See the beautiful sun set at the San Juan del Sur, Pochomil, Masachapa and Barcelo Montelimar Nicaragua beaches, where you can find bars, restaurants and hotels for best rates.





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In late September, festivities take eight days to start. The sleepy town of Masaya celebrates San Jerónimo, Nicaragua’s most popular fiesta, for three months. This is the best festival celebrated in Nicaragua vacation. Where you can see colorful fireworks, parades, drag queens, marimbas, and much more, that will make a memorable experience.


Things you like

The Emerald Beach, Little eco-lodges, Corn Island, street snack the “quesillos”and cordoba, the national cocktail “sunset macuás” and the national rum”gold-label Flor de Caña” are mixed when drinking.


Things you don’t like

Nicaragua’s Canal project. The United States is called ‘America’, because most Nicaraguans think themselves like Americans. Hiding the country’s best surf spots. Searching for a taxi in Managua.


Festivals & Events

Rhymesters from all corners of the world gather Granada’s International Poetry Festival. Also, best musicians of Nicaragua are playing in concerts.

Nicaragua’s Revolution day celebrates on “19 July”. You will get to know the President Daniel Ortega popularity among the people. In the capital, there were 100,000 faithful supporters waving red and black flags.


Popular Topics



At Luxury Emerald Coast resort Mukul, David McLay Kidd has designed a course where celebrities come to play golf. For your information, Forbes has said that “it’s one of the top five best new golf resorts in the world”


Trending Topics

400,000 hectares forest and wetland were taken to build the Nicaragua Canal. Environmentalist says that the Nicaragua Canal can create pollution in the fresh water supply, threaten wildlife routes of migration and extinction of country’s rare species.


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Most unusual sight

Going back to León it’s hard to miss a group of super excited travelers, covered with ash enjoying the amazing Nicaragua vacation attraction “Volcanoboarding” at Bigfoot Hostel. Credits go to an Australian owner who has found this sport 10 years back, and you don’t leave the country without trying it.


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