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Why you need a Philippines vacation? In the future, Philippines is becoming Southeast Asia’s best travel destination. Country’s 7100 islands are more unique, comparing Thailand’s 1430 trivial islands. What are the things to do in Philippines? Without any doubt, the Philippines has gifted one of the world’s most beautiful beaches, surrounded by magnificent coral reefs, white sand sunbath areas, shady palm trees and simple Nipa palm hut resorts, similar to Thailand. These are the most attracted vacation places in Philippines.



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2015 is named as “Visit Philippines Year”, where the government is organizing special events to promote tourism in the islands. Filipinos are good at setting up parties, but bigger events like sports tournaments, street parades. Live music shows and food festivals are extravagantly sponsored by major brands like Beer Na Beer and San Miguel. Most Filipino’s like to enjoy live music. So it’s common that most of days cabarets are filled with people. Philippine Airlines has got approval by the government to arrange direct flights to Australia, America, and Europe. So for your next holidays make a trip to Philippines vacation spots.


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Things you like

Thanks to the peace treaty signed between the Philippines government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), people are enjoying the freedom.


Things you don’t like

The climate change has a major impact on the environment, in 2013 the Philippines was badly hit by typhoon seasons. The destruction caused by “Haiyan” Typhoon was enormous.


Fascinating experiences

On your Philippines vacation tour, take a US army jeep ride and travel the Manila‘s busy streets. After WWII, US army has left many vehicles that are now used by few people have updated for transportation and the remain kept in museums to gain attraction. These refurbished vehicles board and disembark people quickly, then heading back into the traffic, pushing horn loud, loud music and continued to the next stop.


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Festivals & Events

Many tourists enjoy visiting festivals in Philippines vacation. Starting from 17 to 19 January the Ati-Atihan Festival begins, It’s located at Kalibo, Aklan. It’s about indigenous costumes with new decorations are prominent display in the festival.


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Vacation in Philippines, Iloilo City you get to see Dinagyang Festival starts on January 25th, celebrating with street parades and some horrendous floats seen at Mardi Gras festival.

The Holy Week starts on March 29th to April 4th. The Moriones festival where people dressed as Roman commanders and scour Marinduque island, to find Longinus, because the Christ’s body was pierced by Longinus.


Popular Topics



Filipinos enthusiasm for love, yo-yo, Sellotape selfie (your face is tied with Sellotapes and taking a selfie), sun sink on the horizon. Many people take a selfie in the Makati city, Philippines its named as world’s selfiest city. Another Filipino craze is that karaoke, coming in single or with a group because Pinoys love to sing. Social and business meetings are not complete without the quick performance of the latest karaoke hits from the machine.


Trending topics

In 2014, a new skin disease reported in Pangasinan province has sparked a panic in social media. Locals began to think, this an apocalyptic prophecy, where an Indian holy man has once said. Then more than 80,000 people had tweeted “PrayForPangasinan” in social media. Most of the country’s population is Catholic, and they have a strong belief in superstition. So they have arranged faith healers and Kulam (traditional witchcraft) practitioners to find a supernatural cure.


General Facts

In the wartime, the colors of the Philippines flag have officially changed. The red band at the top has changed to blue.

Where did yo-yo get his name yo-yo? Credit for the invention goes to a Filipino. In Tagalog, it’s referred to as ‘come back’.

For every day, 1.39 billion SMS messages are shared among the people of the Philippines.


Most unusual sight

The devout Christians in San Fernando de Pampanga on every Good Friday perform an act of crucifixion as real, to show strong faith in the religion. Since 1985 every year, former construction worker Ruben Enaje has been crucified for real. This an unpleasant act, but it shows the strong devotion, toward religion.


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