Amazing things to do in St Lucia holidays for your coming travel vacation

St Lucia holidays Harbor of Castries

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This magnificent island, gifted with golden beaches and emerald color mountains takes your breath away. St Lucia holidays travel to the main city, Castries has filled with sightseeing, shopping, and dining. Also, you can do rainforest hiking, sea diving, snorkeling, explore volcanoes, to gain an unforgettable holidays to St Lucia adventurous experience.



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St Lucia has a splendid natural environment. Swim with dolphins, in the warm waters, with your binoculars, try to spot parrots that are unique to the island, discover an iguana sunbathing, on Grand Anse beach, watch sea turtles laying eggs. On your holidays St Lucia vacation, those who enjoy wilderness can visit cloistered villages in the island or the east coast’s silent sandy coves. If you want to be thrill seekers, then try climbing the Piton mountains, dive to explore exciting undersea corals or enjoy kite surf at the beach.




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For the amazement, this remote paradise island has low tourist visits except for the regularly a cruise ship tourists and French couples. Get the best travel experience you need in 2015, St Lucia holidays tour. In the future, this beautiful island will be the next top travel destination among tourist.


Fascinating experiences



Holidays in St Lucia enjoy an adventurous ship-liner tour in the deep rain forest of St Lucia. If you like to walk and explore the forest, this will be a more exciting tour for you. Feel the sounds, smells a sight of the tropical forest, ferns that are primitive in nature, humming insects, attractive jungle flowers. Those who interested in an aerial tram tour can enjoy a unique view of the forest.


Popular Topics

Many celebrities are visiting St Lucia holidays, recently actor Matt Damon and his wife Luciana Barrosso took a rented super luxurious Sugar Beach Resort completely for their vow-renewal ceremony. Reportedly other popular guests like Gus Van Sant, Chris Hemsworth, Chelsea Clinton and Ben Affleck partied for three days, spending $600,000 at sugar beach St Lucia.



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Trending Topics

The people eager to find out about beaches ownership, are they privatized or belong to everyone? In the past, St Lucia’s beaches were controlled by the British Government, so the public were given the freedom and access to it anywhere in the island. But now many hotel developers are trying to change this rule.

The government development has threatened the environment, where the biodiversity-rich areas, forests, species are in great danger.


Festivals & Events

St Lucia Jazz Festival in May gathers local and international musicians play not only jazz Calypso and R&B.

In June, you can find calypso music, street dancers, costumes, food at St Lucia’s Carnival. Next is the Atlantic Rally a global event, where cruisers complete 2,700 miles travelling in the sea, starting from Spain to St Lucia. After a long journey, the sailors will reach in November and December.



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General Facts

1. Compared to other countries, St Lucia has many Nobel Laureates. Like noble prize winners Derek Walcott in literature and Arthur Lewis in economics.

2. The British and the French have ruled the country 14 times.

3. The St Lucia holidays  tourist attraction, the parrot is country’s national bird and you will only see on the island.

4. The country’s law is not allowing people to wear camouflage clothes.


Most unusual sight

The Pigeon Island and St Lucia are connected by a man-made road, where visitors are coming to see the ghostly ruins on the island. In 1550, the first French settler “Jambe de Bois (wooden leg)”, used the Pigeon Island St Lucia for his pirate activities. When the British took control the island, they attacked French using the Fort. The island’s historic value and old mysteries have created more interests for the visitors.



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