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things to do in Serbia visit the National Assembly

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Balkan buses favor crossing Bulgaria and Croatia because now their temper has eased. The lost partnership between Montenegro has stopped Serbia accessing to the coastline. When talking about Serbia some people get frequently confused. Many tennis legends at present born in Serbia, their names are hard to pronounce. The unpleasant events have blocked Serbia in the past, by the international community. It is small when talking about passion, personality and partying, but they are amazingly inexpensive.

The city Novi Sad celebrates, the Exit Festival (popular summer music festival), where it’s held at a medieval fortress “Petrovaradin“. This festival starts in the year 2000 anti-protest Slobodan Miloševic, since then on, every July it continues annually and recently it received the award title Belgrade at the “Best Major European Festival”. The Belgarde’s unique festival concept was taken by Ibiza, Berlin and Serbia’s amusement “al fresco”. The Kopaonik snow mountains are ideal for enjoying skiing. Searching things to do in Serbia travel? Visit shopping and spa at Vrnjacka Banja and “Drina River” rafting. You can have these activities and entertainment at very low cost, compared to other European countries.



Serbia things to do Novi Sad city

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Famous people like the performance artist Emir Kusturica, director Palme d’Orwinning, Novak Djokovic has gained a great reputation among local and international communities. The people in Serbia are hospitable and more fun loving.

Big changes are going to take place in 2015 because Serbia is joining the EU. This is good news for the visitors coming to see Serbia attractions and don’t be late to make a trip.


Serbia sightseeing Belgrade fortress

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What the interesting things to do in Serbia Belgrade? Visit historical Belgrade Fortress built by Romans, 1st century AD. The fortress is situated near Sava and Danube river, It includes Lower Town, Upper Town & Kalemegdan Park. It was used by Roman emperor IV Flavian Legion military campaign. Battles had destroyed this Fortress many times, but it was rebuilt.


things to do in Serbia Belgrade, Kalemegdan park

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Kalemegdan park was one of the Serbian attractions list. It was created in-front of Belgrade Fortress late 19th century. At the time of war, enemies approaching the Fortress to fight came through the Kalemegdan park. It’s a massive park includes tree shades, sculptures, souvenir shops, amusement park, Zoo and art pavilion.


things to do in nis serbia

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There are many things to do in Nis Serbia. But i have selected two important attraction visit, they are Nis Fortress (niška tvrđava) and Cele Kula. In 18th century Turks have built Nis Fortress. It has four large gates accessing the Nisava river are Great Gate, Vidin, Belgrade and Stambol. The Nis Fortress secured by a big moat, which can be filled by Nisava river water.


nis fortress Serbia

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Cele Kula is popular for the name “Skull Tower”. Battle took place among Serbians and Turkish army in the beginning of the 19th century. Where Turks have won the war, and built the Cele Kula tower. Inside the tower you will get to see 952 skulls of Serbian revolutionist.


Pančić's Peak during winter serbia

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Height of 6617ft Pančić’s is the highest peak, you get to see in the Kopaonik mountain range. Visiting Konaci Kopaonik tourist complex,  you can easily travel by foot to Pančić’s Peak.



Festivals & Events

In the Serbia Things To Do list Exit Festival held at Novi Sad’s Petrovaradin Fortress is unique. In July is one of the biggest music and awards festival were estimated 200,000 music lovers get together. Since 2000, to the present year, making its 15th anniversary. This year August it’s going to be a grand celebration. If you are a Jazz lover, it’s best to visit, Nisville Jazz Festival held at the old city of Niš in August. List of things to do in Serbia travel list gives you the Guca Trumpet Festival, where thousands Gypsy trumpet players and estimated 600,000 visitors, enjoy for four days. Life-changing experiences The “Kafana” is quite similar to a tavern or pub, holds a shouting crowd and smokers. In this place, Serbs engage in conversations about the county’s past and may end with an argument, which you will need not to worry about. If you are lucky you will get to enjoy trubaci (trumpet band), playing loud music.


Serbian attractions Citadel Petrovaradin, Novi Sad

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What are the things to do in Serbia, Mokra Gora. In the west of Serbia is a quite beautiful village having a flock of sheep. Be prepared to travel in 8 steam train “Šargan“, where it will pass unsafe, but breathtaking mountain areas. In Drvengrad director Emir Kusturica have built a fanciful village within a village. In this village you meet generous locals and places to dine.



Serbia attractions in Mokra Gora Drvengrad

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Try Boho in the mini Montmartre of Belgrade. This is where old-fashioned “Skadarlija” cobblestoned streets, noisy inns in the roadside, unusual galleries, street musicians, old fashioned hipsters, and gypsies are beautiful sights in Serbia.

For Serbia sightseeing there were many medieval monasteries to visit, the highest number of Orthodox monasteries are located in the Fruška Gora area is one of Serbian attractions. Between Sylvan hills and ancient vineyards, you will get to see 16 monasteries in a row, stretching for 50km.


Most unusual sight

Serbia travel attraction Djavolja varos

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Next in your things to do in Serbia travel list, visit Ðavolja Varoš (Devil’s Town), is a group of natural 202 stone pyramids near to a mineral stream which is bright red and acidic. Local legend says weird volcanic heads on 2m and 15m high pyramids are guests taken part an incestuous wedding, where an angry god has petrified them.


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