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When you listen the word Congo, your mind filled with images of jungles, huge gorillas, wide mud-brown rivers, pygmies dancing in rituals, wild elephants, chimpanzees. The Republic of Congo is one of the African countries that is rapidly developing. Its oil and timber resources contribute a major support to the economy. What are new Congo Africa facts?  After ending years turmoil, Congo is developing its infrastructure. The country’s vast areas of unexplored natural rainforests, hidden national parks, large apes, wild elephants make Africa’s the best ecotourism destinations. At present there were fewer tourists visiting the country. Inspired by the revenue generated by safari nations, Tanzania and Kenya. The Congolese government is interested in developing and promoting wildlife. The government has taken steps to restore the oldest national parks, creating new ones, and constructing modern tourism infrastructure.


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The rising developments in Parc National d’Odzala (Odzala National Park) have recently offered two new luxury safari lodges, situated in the heart of the jungle where gorillas live. Taking a riverboat ride in the Congo river Africa, gives a close look at wildlife, without any fear.



So those of you who are courageous, not afraid and dreaming to have a genuine adventure, then Congo is the best place for you.


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Fascinating experiences



Passing the Congolese swamp with a Baka (pygmy) in search of lowland gorillas came to an unforgettable and inspiring experience. Where we stumble upon a gorilla family, the silverback male vigilant about our presence. This warning stopped us being further waiting its territory and came home safely.


congo rainforest, Virunga Mountain Gorillas

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Popular Topics

Most of the road system in the Congo Africa  is undeveloped. If you can remember they are large and muddy tracks. Today government is creating and updating road network, in a large scale. Recently opened areas and new roads given an opportunity to explore the unexplored.


Trending Topics

The elephant population in Africa Congo has decreased over the past years due to illegal hunting. Asia great demand for ivory has encouraged poachers to carry out their work in a great scale. According to experts, the poorly police guarded areas and unprotected forests are in great danger of elephant extinction.


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Festivals & Events


Most people of the Congo Africa, carrying out simple lifestyle. The most common festival that you will get to see, are marriages, births, circumcisions, deaths. These are carried out by the Baka’s and others to honor the forest spirits. Their past kept alive for the future generation by performing these traditions and cultural aspects. And its’s a privilege to take part in these events and festivals. Next is a nationwide event The National Day Congo, celebrating on 15 August. On this day, military parades march on the capital of Congo Brazzaville streets and other towns celebrates getting independence from France.


capital of Congo, Brazzaville

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Most unusual sight

North side of the Congo Africa has unexplored swamp forest and lake Télé (Lac Télé). This lake is almost circular in shape and remotest places of Africa Congo. It’s contains estimated 100,000 population of lowland gorillas and large number chimpanzees, buffaloes, wild elephants live in this area of the Congo rainforest. It’s also home to Baka groups, where they live entirely in traditional life style. The most interesting and inspiring thing is that a large semi-aquatic creature called Mokèlé-Mbèmbé. This legendary creature similar to sauropod, known to be lived and extinct in the dinosaur age.


Like to hear your travel experience in the Congo and Looking forward to seeing you with more Congo travel tips, in the future.


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