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“Separating blarney from bunkum” you remember this song, think it’s a yes. After sipping a few beers you may have sung it on March 17, and stating yourself Irish. Thinking how to plan a trip to Ireland? Here is what you need to know. Talking about Ireland its small country, but most of its population is emigrants and they were looking forward to having a better future. These emigrants play a vital part in supporting the country’s economy.

Some people like to live in county’s past memories because they get joy remembering them, thatched roof cottage house, sheep on the road, nature and so on. Today, modern Ireland’s fully developed roads and infrastructure is a result of hard working Irish people. Not like in the past, the recent years government has invested on the Aran Islands to provide broadband service and this topic is argued.



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Why go to Ireland? Irish people have a better understanding about what tourists need, they are culture, best scenery, and the warm welcome. Ireland is gifted with breathtaking scenic views, its old traditions like dance music, beer and whiskey. Planning a trip to Ireland, you can enjoy attractions in the country. Irish people are very hospitable, as their forefathers were known to be.



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Wild Atlantic Way is a panoramic 1500km drive. That you will not hesitate to enjoy and tourists demand to Atlantic Way tour, is similar to Australia’s Great Ocean Road and California’s Pacific Coast Highway. Its winding roads in the western coast from Donegal to Cork make the journey more exciting, you can enjoy a crab meal at Inishowen and finally smoked salmon at Kinsale. In your Ireland tours, you get to explore the Aran Islands, Connemara and the breathtaking beauty of County Clare in the journey.



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Fascinating experiences

Travel Ireland’s traditional music session carried by small pubs gives a unique Irish experience, that you will not hesitate to visit. On Sunday afternoon, you can join a walking club and do a cross-country walk at County Clare. The County Donegal, Rossnowlagh Beach is a good place for surfing or you can hang out with friends in a pub.



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Festivals & Events



One of the best festival celebration you can see in the best trip to Ireland is St Patrick’s Day. It starts on March 17 where people enjoy visiting popular St Patrick’s Festival and it’s held for three or four days. Fireworks, parades, gigs, make a fascinating festive celebration.



Starting in July Galway Arts Festival, a film festival and during the August race event week. Next is the oyster festival starts in September.

Make a trip to Dublin Ireland to see the biggest sporting Gaelic football event starts on Sundays second and fourth September. The Gaelic football Event and All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship takes place at Dublin’s Croke Park stadium.



Find a country’s best traditional dance and music at the Ennis Trad Festival in Ennis, County Clare in November first two weeks. Also, you can take part in master classes, five days of sessions, céilí (dance party) and CD launches at the festival.



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Popular Topics

The leaders are responsible for the downfall of the country’s economy. After the global financial crisis has destroyed Ireland’s economy, leaving the option bailout program. The economic improvement in the present, after the last five-year struggle, has made people to figure who caused and the reason behind the crisis.


General Facts

The Irish harvest festival, Samhain at present celebrates as Halloween.

James Hoban is an Irish architect who designed America’s White House, got inspiration from Dublin’s Leinster House now stated as Irish Parliament.

The phrase ‘by hook or by crook’ connected to a 17th-century incident where Cromwell’s attempts to capture Waterford, by searching in two villages Hook Head and Crook.


Most unusual sight

Next in your amazing trip to Ireland visit the Puck Fair festival in Killorglin. This festival celebrates in every August at County Kerry. Where a goat becomes a king by wearing a crown and people drink for three days to enjoy the festival.


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