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Starting from 1st January 2015, Euro-family join hands with newcomer Lithuania to create great future in the Europe. After receiving freedom from the Soviet Union and opening its door to the outside world, Lithuania looks forward to widening its journey from east to west as a proud member of the European Union. In 1990, the quest for independence from the Soviet Union was carried out by a group called “Reform Movement of Lithuania” to encourage country’s freedom, and they had a good understanding of their responsibilities, how things will work in the future.

Lithuania places to visit attractions has become easier than old days for tourists. Because new methods of electronic money transactions and increasing ATM locations. It’s not always cheaper when it comes to money exchange, half of the population in Lithuania is anxious about what’s going to happen with the present change and benefits to their wallets. These changes all about popularity and public events to celebrate its joining to the European Union.



Fascinating experiences

The first thing that pops in your mind about Lithuania is not about the seaside. Visit Lithuania’s Curonian spit (extended beach area) is a popular attraction among tourist. It’s fascinating beaches, created by Europe’s largest shifting sand dunes and widened its shores towards south Russia. The Battle of Gross-Jägersdorf in (1757), Curonian spit was a forest and trees were cut down to build boats for the war, at present marram grass and sand are visible. The spit currently listed in as a World Heritage site pulling more tourists and also a popular holiday location among Lithuanian people. Curonian spit is one of the beautiful places to visit in Lithuania vacation. Free tickets are given for the visitor, who help to clean and protect the beach by collecting and taking out the 120L garbage when they depart.


travel to lithuania Baltic sea Curonian spit

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Next, visit Lithuania’s inspiring Vilnius, popular in Northern Europe’s largest old town baroque. Vilnius is one of the best places to see in Lithuania. The world heritage list has placed Lithuania’s Vilnius in the second place. With moderate style and less commercialization, this old site is filled with a network of twisted alleyways and cobbled square pathways separate curved-top townhouses. Vilnius tours, guides are the best option if you don’t find interesting places visit in the city. Visiting Lithuania’s onion dome structures and Teutonic statues gives a real impression of Russian Art. It’s a common to see people wearing Ushanka furry hat in cold weather, so never miss to try one.




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Things you like

European Basketball Games, song contest “Eurovision” standing against Russia, After event taken place in Crimea.


Things you don’t like

Not interested in joining Russia, due to current events in the Crimea.


Popular Topics

Basketball tournaments played between Lithuania and Russia are the best interest. Where both teams struggling hard to win. EuroBasket is the most popular sporting event that Lithuanians love to watch and few Lithuania former players have got the chance to enter the American NBA. Lithuanians Average height is 4cm taller, Comparing to European person, Around 100,000 crucifixes can be found in different and numerous sizes at the Siauliai Hill of Crosses.


General Facts

Country’s first monarch Mindaugas in the 13th century united the Lithuania.

In 1990, Lithuania gained independence from the Soviet union, becoming the first country to declare independence after struggling public protest.

The communist monument that was destroyed after independence was replaced with a statue of Frank Zappa, the only one remaining piece that displayed in Vilnius proudly in Lithuania visit.


Most unusual sight

Best attraction to visit Lithuania’s Gruto Parkas. It is best known as Stalin World, secured by gulag watchtowers is an improbable attraction. The statues of heroic workers and recovered Uncle Joe and Lenin, scattered around a forest park. Mogul Viliumas Malinauskas is the founder of Gruto Parkas. He created to make fun of communism. He was planning to put a Siberian deportation train. That takes tourist to ferry from Vilnius was not granted permission by the local officials.


visiting Lithuania's Grūto parkas, Lenin statue

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Many locals and tourists visit Lithuania’s famous Siauliai Hill of Crosses, it has around 100,000 crucifixes in different sizes. This is a popular Lithuania travel attraction. First crosses reported in 1831, with the uprising movement against Russian rule and still increasing its collection.


places to see in Lithuania vacation, famous Siauliai Hill of Crosses

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Festivals & Events

Visit Lithuania’s Vilnius Festival. It’s a classical music, jazz, dance, theater and cinema are displayed in the month of June.

Travel to Lithuania, Klaipeda seaport. In July annually held the Sea Festival with boat races, live music, big a craft fair can be seen in the seaport.


places to go in Lithuania, Klaipeda seaport

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Karkle the beachside village In August held the Karkle Beach Live Music Festival. Where everyone entertains their selves for three days.


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